ENS Web Update July 2023

Public roadmap

We now have a public roadmap that will keep track of completed, in progress and upcoming items. Check the ENS Labs roadmap.

ENS roadmap
ENS roadmap

Ledger and Argent wallet support

Exactly what it says on the tin!

Ledger and Argent support
Ledger and Argent support

Smaller Improvements

Grace period
Grace period
  • Users can now add their Telegram handle to their profile:
Telegram handle in profile
Telegram handle in profile
  • Improvements to the way the manager app handles canceled and replaced transactions, particularly while the app is closed

  • Other updates:

    • Updated ENS Labs team page with new members

    • Deployed new Universal resolver

    • Deployed ENS contracts to Sepolia testnet

New ENS blog sneak peek

While mirror is a great platform, and we will most likely continue to publish here, we felt the need to host our own blog in order to organise all of our content into one place. Additionally this will allow us to have more control over the look and feel. As well as adding in new features such as making it very easy to search through ENS content, this new site will include additional content such as podcasts and town hall meetings. Take a sneak peek here.

ENSjs Updates

ENSjs is functionally complete. We are now mostly working on making the library stable, and ensuring it works well in different environments. Keep track of progress here.

Other Updates Coming Soon

  • A deep dive on Etherscan implementing C# ENSIP-15 library which helps handle ENS names with Zero Width Joiners and Unicode.

  • A technical rundown and progress update of ENS on L2s

Bug fixes

  • Transaction modals will close if the account or chain is changed

  • Users with ‘$’ in their name can now edit their avatar

  • Parent owner can now delete a subname when the parent is wrapped and the child is unwrapped

  • Fixed issue where setting resolver to 0x00 would show wildcard label for a few seconds after updating

  • Fixed issue where emoji names temporarily showed graph sync error message

  • Fixed issue where emoji names were illegible on registration success screen

  • Fixed issue where Chinese characters were displaying incorrectly on transaction progress bar

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